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The purpose of this research was to obtain information on the mean fundamental frequency (Fo) levels of Portuguese speakers and to investigate (1) whether differences exist between two groups with different voice qualities (normal and dysphonia), genders, ages, and speech tasks; and (2) which variables contribute to the variance. To this end, 109 subjects (52 dysphonics and 57 controls) participated in the study. Speech material included three sustained vowels ([u], [i], and [a]), a standard written passage, and a conversation produced at a comfortable conversational pitch and loudness level. Electroglottographic (EGG) data were obtained. Although the results show that, overall, the dysphonics had lower Fo than did controls for all speaking conditions, and that there were differences according to age, these contrasts were not statistically significant. Gender and speech task effects were statistically significant. Additionally, the mean Fo variance is explained by a high prediction model (between 59% and 73%).

Uniting some of the most impressive and most intimate venues in Lisbon, the festival spans theatres, churches, a railway station (the home of Vodafone FM) and the Lisbon Palace of Independence.

– A ESPIRAL DE BUKOWSKI – ERP-P300-CBP Future Great Filter (2016)
– A ESPIRAL DE BUKOWSKI – Peirce Stroke Misnomer Double Turnstile Tycho (2015)
– A ESPIRAL DE BUKOWSKI – B1620-25i (2014)
– A SEA OF LEAVES – A Sea of Leaves (2017)
– A SEA OF LEAVES – A Sea of Leaves EP (2009)
– A SEA OF LEAVES – Time In Overdrive (2008)
– ALLICE – Allice (2009)
– ALMA MATER – Myriad (2011)
– ALMA MATER – Movements (2008)
– AMNESE – Songs For Rainy Days + Ok My Pussy Is Hanging Out Of This Fucking Thing (2009)
– AMNESE – Sofia e a Curva do Céu (2008)
– AMNESE – Zumbis (2008)
– ANDREI MACHADO – Étant (2009)
– ANDREI MACHADO – Lacuna (2008)
– ASTROLÁBIO – Coma (2013)
– AVEC SILENZI – Avec V (2017)
– AVEC SILENZI – Avec IV (2016)
– AVEC SILENZI – Avec III (2016)

Various - Sotão DiscothequeVarious - Sotão DiscothequeVarious - Sotão DiscothequeVarious - Sotão Discotheque